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Part 3


One word for every 1,000 pictures


We are passionate photographers. We want to capture moments and create an image; we do not just want to print – we want to trigger emotions, move people. We are not all-rounders, we are specialists who together can do everything. We are more than photographers, we create image worlds.

What inspires us



Our studio


Our studio in the middle of the Andrä district of Salzburg measures over 300 square metres and is furnished in a modern style, with an in-house bistro.


Our team


Not behind the camera, but in front of it for a change: and if a picture says more than 1,000 words, you now know everything.

People, fashion and motion

Friedrich Hauswirth

Photographer, director, founder and thinker. Impressed by a generation of lateral thinkers and strong personalities, Friedrich expresses his love of the extraordinary through the lens of his camera. This Salzburg man has been working as a professional photographer and director around the world for more than 30 years. He is a master when it comes to creating impressions, regardless of how tough the conditions are.

Sports, nature, food and interiors

Ludwig Rosenlechner

Precise, detailed, accurate. In short: a true master of his craft. Ludwig always puts food and products in the perfect light with his unmistakable technically distinctive style. He is just as exact and careful in editing his shots as he is when shooting them in the first place.

People and products

Michael Kritzinger

Young, cheeky, unconventional. This best describes Michi’s picture style as well as perfectly summing up the man himself. Whether he’s holding a photo or video camera, he always creates a relaxed atmosphere with his carefree attitude and great intuition, creating new, striking shots and series that grab the attention and exude personality.


Laura Maras

Laura truly enriches the team and our customers with her sunny disposition and her relaxed nature. As well as being fiercely motivated to learn photography from scratch, she also brings with her what simply cannot be taught and what distinguishes an outstanding photographer from the run-of-the-mill: creativity, observation and an intuitive feeling for people and situations.

Cape Town


The Cape of inspiration and
creative ideas.


This is where Friedrich Hauswirth time and again develops and photographs new campaigns for international customers. An extraordinary place for exceptional shoots.

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Nutzen Sie die eleganteste Gelegenheit, ein Studio über einen längeren Zeitraum zu beobachten. Wir liefern dazu die nötigen Inhalte.




Case studies


In the end, it’s not about beautifully photographed products and people. In the end, all that matters is the radiance of the brand.

Our customers


These customers speak for themselves.
And for us.



Team 7,

Berger Feinste Confiserie,

Martini Sportswear,

Eurogast Austria,

Steiner 1888,

Luxury Weaving, 

and many more.


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