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Now You UYN


This completely newly-developed functional clothing for pro, amateur and hobby athletes and active sports enthusiasts deserves an equally innovative and revolutionary global brand presence.

However, the very first task was to ensure this Italian-based brand is firmly implanted in the minds of potential customers. The brand name, UYN short for ‘Unleash Your Nature’ didn’t make it an easy job. For that reason, on the one hand we have created a subtle means for people of all countries to pronounce the acronym – which forms the core of the brand promise: ‘Now You UYN’ is catchy enough to be remembered easily, while making it clear that this is functional sports underwear for winners. After all, the declared goal for the Trerè Innovation collections is market leadership.

Brand management

POS/Trade fairs

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Post Production


The language of the especially developed imagery underlines the dynamism of this line of communication. Just like the wording, the whole approach aims to make a lasting impression and to give the brand its own position within this competitive market environment.

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These elements are being used to establish brand presence in over 80 countries – in print, at the POS, in direct mailing campaigns and in elaborate super-slow-motion films.


Alongside the sports line there is also a second, very fashion-consciously showcased lifestyle product line. Early on there is clear evidence of success. UYN deals with the Austrian, German and Italian skiing associations show the company already has the confidence of several high-calibre winners. 

trade fair ISPO 2018