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The Barber

An idea with beard


Good ideas are not a question of budget. On the contrary. In smaller campaigns particularly, the idea has to make up for the lack of budget.

And so “THE BARBER” creates three-dimensional city light advert boards with real beards. In addition, one bus stop is converted to a barber’s shop for a day.

We not only inspire the audience with these unusual ideas, but also arouse the interest of the media. The newspapers report, television features the subject and so we achieve additional impact and value from the budget.

Brand management


Post Production


The fact that the campaign is also awarded the German Design Award in Germany is further confirmation.

Promotion campaign


We need a whole new independent idea to continue the campaign. And because it is no longer just about the beard, we do not use three-dimensional effects.



Instead, we rely on the power of celebrities in advertising. And we engage real stars of world history: Jesus and Karl Marx. And with these two, we show how valuable a perfect styling can be. In this way, we again receive a lot of feedback, highlighting the positioning of the “THE BARBER” brand as an unconventional place for people who love something special and who also value individuality when it comes to styling.