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A distinct promise, striking trademark, a creative and sophisticated concept. A consistent image for all levels of communication. These are the ingredients for the corporate image designed for a completely new kind of restaurant.

‘Zeitraum’. The name roughly equates to ‘space for time’, reinforcing the promise and showing the way. The key visual is a clock without hands that tells the whole story at a glance. The new locale is an all-in-one combination of a restaurant, bar, shop and lounge, and is run by Stiegl along with the ‘Autogrill’ group from the Benetton empire. It is designed to be a place to relax and spend time, a place of enjoyment where time stands still. It’s not an idea that occurred by chance. It’s a theme that plays a central role in the promotion of the Stiegl brand image, and has now been brought to life.

Time is a concept we use very consciously on all promotional and communication levels to lend charm, humour and originality to the overall Zeitraum look and feel – from posters and megaboards to serviettes and take-away boxes.

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The seamless and uncluttered look of the graphics generates a powerful image without being pushy; all of which gives the brand an almost magical attraction. This is truly a place where guests ‘enjoy time’.


And that’s exactly what has gone down really well with visitors. As a result, a second ‘Zeitraum’ is to open in Vienna in just a few months. What’s particularly pleasing is that the conceptualised red steps, deliberately designed as a place for people to gather and talk, stand, sit, read or meet new people, have proven to be a very popular attraction.