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Up to the summit


A separate label edition will be designed for the South Tyrolean market, which will underscore the connection between Stiegl and the South Tyroleans without being too fawning.

It is crucial that beer lovers south of the Brenner Pass can fully identify with the idea. And so, a very clear and sympathetic solution quickly emerged: when the finest exponent of the brewer’s art meets the most beautiful mountains of South Tyrol, the absolute peak of pleasure is guaranteed.

For this reason, we put the world cultural heritage of the Dolomites on the bottles and dedicate a label to each of the famous peaks. And because it is after all about the ART of brewing, the monochrome pictures are modified and animated with illustrative elements.



With this idea, we target our audience right in the heart – because pride in the natural beauty of their homeland connects all South Tyroleans.

In a very subtle way, we also take account of the cosmopolitan and multicultural modern mentality of South Tyrol and design a label in Ladin – the language spoken in South Tyrol – and Italian. We are sending out a precise signal here that we understand what is important to them.