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Where were rest stops born?


You can twist and turn it as much as you like: they were the first. But is that a promise? When it’s packed in a charming way, well, yes, it is!

The strong positioning has inspired us to create a really youthful and cheeky campaign. So, you can then zoom effortlessly past the competition and stay in the fast lane.

And in particular, you can wonderfully stage and vary the idea “Where rest stops were born” at all levels of communication.

Brand development


POS/Trade fairs



Social media

Content creation




On the radio, as well as at the POS and on Facebook.


The brand becomes more dynamic, step by step, and charged with sympathy. Above all, an absolutely unmistakable brand profile is created. And so, Rosenberger is again the absolute no. 1 – in advertising recall. And that in turn is good for sales.