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Resch & Frisch

Rated: “well worth seeing!”


An expo booth at Austria’s largest trade fair for the hotel, restaurant and catering industry is a showpiece that should also have an immense influence on the company’s corporate image.

We ensured certain aspects were conspicuously visible that weren’t immediately and directly associated with Resch & Frisch as a brand: Craftsmanship, freshness and a natural flavour.

Warm colours, lots of wood and straightforward shapes create a pleasant and yet modern atmosphere, providing ideal surroundings for intensive discussions. Without being obtrusive, we drop very clear hints that Resch & Frisch is, above all, a traditional bakery that bakes premium quality bread using natural ingredients. 

POS/Trade fairs

In order to make our core message visible from afar we created an artistic mobile hanging sculpture featuring a broad range of bakery utensils. This turned many heads, generated interest and helped to cultivate an image.


The expo visitors were euphoric, and the booth itself became a much-discussed centre of attention.