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Resch und Frisch

Easy to like & hard to miss


The 13 Bäckerei Flöckner shops in Salzburg have been taken under the brand wing of Resch & Frisch from Wels in Austria. The campaign also marks the successful launch of the rebranded Resch & Frisch look.

The idea surprises with simplicity. The familiar pretzel part of the logo has been enhanced and is now a genuine eye-catcher. It will now be a key element in all future promotional activity. In the new advertising output, the pretzel is a clip that can be used to pin together any two exchangeable concepts.

This enables us to broadcast an unlimited range of brand messages from within a stable and consistent brand framework. Now ‘Resch & Frisch’ can stand for craftsmanship, tradition, sustainability… and, of course, for great-tasting products.


Direct & promotion

The clearly-defined concept works equally well on posters and POS items, on bags and on the radio.


The interplay of informative and humorous messages in the brand changeover attracts greater attention to – and a noticeable increase in identification with – the brand. This has been reflected immediately in growth in turnover at the points of sale.