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Red Bull

What a Taste!


The world of Red Bull is regularly extended by new varieties with its special seasonal editions. These editions are intended to be attractive to a young trendy audience.

This is not intended as a classic advertising campaign, but is rather our own cool events revolving around the product, offering a lot more than just a product presentation.

What makes the editions so special are the exotic flavours and their hallmark individual colours. We’ve combined these two components into a single key visual that makes people curious, arouses interest and says everything without giving too much away. We show large-format open lips enjoying the drink with the lips shining in the colour of each edition.

Brand development


By “taste”, we mean the accompanying clubbing experience, which offers the perfect setting to sample the new varieties. This creates a world that not only appeals to the sense of taste, but is an experience for all of the senses, creating a unique experience.

This concept has the decisive advantage that it is a multiplier. It can be adapted to time and place and be used several times. And so, several “taste” clubbing events have taken place in Germany and abroad in the last few years in order to offer various editions the perfect stage.



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