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The name Prehal stands for the best quality windows, doors and complete interior fittings, for impressive design and carpentry work of the highest standard. The combination of exceptional creative ideas and tailor-made solutions makes the company unique.

But these qualities can hardly be represented in images. Because understandably, their customers attach great importance to their privacy and do not want to publicise their living spaces. That is a problem. Or the impetus for a very special, eye-catching campaign.

If we do not have pictures, then we rely on the power of the word. A heightened typo campaign expresses exactly what Prehal stands for, using subtle texts and the sophisticated play with typography and design elements.

Brand development




In the end, we have a campaign that is just as innovative, creative and with great attention to detail as are seen in Prehal products. Completely consistent with the company motto: “We want to pamper the eye and touch the soul.”