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Special occasions demand special ideas. When Luis Trenker was given the chance to deck out the entire bodywork of a propeller-driven Russian Antonow with the Luis Trenker livery, and to launch a great brand story as well, it was too good to miss.

The silver ‘Trenker Air’ Antonow is to play the starring role in the promotional output for the 2018/19 winter collection. We paint a highly emotional and elegant brand mood around the aircraft – in words and images. The imagery and the design of the advertising materials send out a clear message: The alpine lifestyle is cool, laid-back and stylish.

We deliberately abstained from using ornate and frilly elements, instead emphasising the brand’s fashion integrity. The brand is by no means rooted to the past; it’s here to set new standards. Having forged alpine lifestyle look, the Luis Trenker brand has re-invented itself yet again, drawing a distinct line between itself and the romantic styles propagated by alpine fashion labels.

Brand management


Direct & promotion


The magazine ‘Flight 2018’, the invitation to the presentation of the new collection, and the ads themselves, all toyed intelligently with the aviation theme, providing an ideal framework for a very impressive brand showcase. However, this was all very much a random rather than a conscious step. It simply reflected the fact that the stylistic expressions of the new men’s and women’s collections have become significantly more contemporary and international.


The female visage we chose for the campaign was that of star model Catrinel Menghia. Catrinel has already been the Armani face, done the Fiat testimonial in the USA, and is currently in the spotlight with her testimonial for the Huawei TV campaign.