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Luis Trenker

When fashion becomes a confession


Luis Trenker does not just do fashion. Luis Trenker stands for certain values. This makes this brand so special and creates an incomparable myth. “Luis Trenker dresses the body and shapes the soul” summarises why this brand inspires more and more people.

Reason enough to illuminate the ideas and the world around Luis Trenker more closely. The title “Confessions” makes it clear that the team around Michi Klemera is not about short-lived trends, but about lasting values.

In a very personal style with strong emotional images, a brand is defined here which has always gone its own, often difficult way.

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The “Confessions” are not a smooth high-gloss brochure, but a thoroughly honest statement in which the character and the personality of the brand are unmistakably reflected.



And that makes this book so special. Because it is not so much a question of presenting itself as effectively as possible, but rather the content is directed more to the people who work with and for the brand. This book is not an advertisement, it is a catalogue of values, which paves the way for the next five to ten years.