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The call of the mountains


‘Berg’ denotes Luis Trenker’s sporty outdoor clothing. What makes this product line so special is the way it blends alpine lifestyle aesthetics with sophisticated technical functionality.

The dominant presence of the Luis Trenker typeface in the logo reflects the close relationship this collection shares with the umbrella brand. The subtle, refined and elegant addition of the ‘Berg’ moniker reveals the very special role allocated to this product line. In some regards Berg can be seen as an exclusive and progressive brand vanguard, aimed at enhancing the overall image of dynamism associated with Luis Trenker.

Berg is primarily intended to serve the winter sports segment, although it’s also very much at home in urbane settings far from icy slopes and snowy trails. It’s exactly this duality that makes the brand so unique – which is precisely what the promotional drive aims to communication. That’s why we chose a shoot location that was able – just like the clothing itself – to highlight the close affinity between the alpine environment and the language of progressive design.

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The Messner Mountain Museum at the summit of Mount Kronplatz was designed by Zaha Hadid and provided the perfect setting and an effective stage for the Berg line. The interplay of the natural surroundings, modern architecture and fashion was the guiding light throughout the entire catalogue. 


Thus, we were able to showcase Berg in exactly the light promised by the brand: ‘Designed to perform!’ An impressive performance is assured, whether you’re seen out on the slopes or down in the town. 

Berg has some exquisite inner qualities too. The jacket is lined with wool from the Villnösser Brillenschaf, the oldest race of sheep in South Tyrol. It’s a quality that shouldn’t remain wrapped away within the jacket; it deserves to be shown to the world. After all, it’s further evidence of the love of nature associated with Luis Trenker, the use of sustainable material sources, and the strong bonds with the brand’s South Tyrol home.


This mountain sheep is interwoven into the story to enhance the image of the brand and boost identification. The female campaign testimonial further strengthens the bond between South Tyrol and Luis Trenker, since Manuela Mölgg has been one of South Tyrol’s most successful female skiers over the past few years.