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I am in peace

An amulet with a strong message


If a bracelet is far more than a fashion accessory and above all makes a clear and visible statement to the outside world, then the piece of jewellery needs a distinctive design and the brand needs a strong appearance.

“I am in Peace” is a clear commitment to peace. A message that is deliberately conveyed to the outside world by the wearer of the bracelet and also supports an international child-care organisation.

The Peace symbol was reinterpreted for the design of the amulet and integrated into a harmonious, self-contained form. The message is clearly in focus, yet the bracelet is an accessory that beats in perfect harmony with the fashionable pulse of the times.

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“I am in Peace” gives peace a face. And we give the brand a strong, unmistakable appearance, which in turn gives a certain ease to the seriousness of the message.


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