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When a dusty, old-fashioned coffee house is transformed into a stylish new one, it doesn’t necessarily mean there’s a duty to copy trends from abroad, especially when the most exciting sources of inspiration are far closer to home. 

There’s nothing wrong about importing and adapting ideas for bars and restaurants from all over the world. However, there’s a bigger thrill in the creation of something new and original; something that can be exported all around the globe. That was the basic idea at the beginning of the journey, and it’s how we hit upon the notion of reinterpreting the famous long-standing traditions of Vienna’s old coffee houses. There’s an obvious gap in the market waiting to be filled.

The result of the creative process was ‘Herr Leopold’, a locale that combines traditional Viennese coffee house elements with various innovative aspects. What makes a Viennese coffee house so special is the waiter. So, the role of the waiter honoured in the new concept.

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The combination of feisty old Viennese humour and cheeky yet charming youth has been infused into everything from the logo to every level of communication.


The scenario demands its own special language. The lovingly crafted illustrations and the black bow tie – which serves as a strong and readily recognisable visual hook – help to make this imagery so special, while giving an extremely likeable brand a very strong Viennese personality.