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Long live the subtle difference


A wholesale market is opening up and will be open to private customers, hobby chefs and gourmets. But how do you give a new field of activity a new image?

By creating a brand which from the very first time you see it casts itself as a hero and sticks in the mind: Riedharts Markthalle.

The name aptly suggests that more is offered here than in a conventional market hall. But above all, it stands for a clearly enunciated added value. And we express this added value even more clearly with a gripping, easy-to-remember and sympathetic promise.

Brand development


POS/Trade fairs

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Corporate Publishing



A few words that summarise all that the Markthalle and Riedhart stand for, and which fill the brand with life and pleasure: the finest there is.


An expression that, in conjunction with the very independent imagery, forms the basis for a campaign which can be filled with new messages again and again – in a framework that guarantees valuable recognition.

“The finest there is” is not just a pledge, it is also a claim. On all levels.


This also includes the new high-quality magazine, which twice a year brings a unique world into the customer’s home and presents 16 pages of news about the range, useful tips and entertaining facts. The subtle difference is here in detail.

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