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A real “pig’s breakfast”


This time, a very special topic is at the heart of the “gourmet 360” campaign. For us, this “pig’s breakfast” is an ideal stage for rejuvenating and dynamising the Eurogast brand.

In addition to the firm content, we can create a highly effective image campaign that is brighter and more plausible and louder than the umbrella brand campaign. In other words, “Let’s go the whole hog.”

After all, it’s about making the pig socially acceptable again and inspiring Eurogast customers to process more pork. That is why Austria’s “Cook of the Year”, Konstantin Filippou, was recruited as a testimonial.

Brand management



Post Production

Good ideas come from the right inspiration. And we have peeked over the shoulder of the master chef personally to get this.


The pictures also show how much the topic has inspired us. A bonus is that Constantine Filippou also fully identifies with the style of the campaign. This is probably why the result is so coherent and authentic, awakening spontaneous enthusiasm among all viewers.