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The Eurogast journal is a central pillar of the overall brand showcase, so it’s high time the new brand image was clearly communicated via this medium, too.

As they say, ‘first impressions last’. Consequently, the brand look had to be absolutely right. Even without reading, just flicking through and browsing is enough to communicate a plethora of signals that play a decisive role in implanting the brand in the minds of the readers. That’s why the layout of the journal has now been completely reworked. Modern, zeitgeisty graphics, an elegant black and white front page, lovingly crafted visual elements to accompany the articles, lots of room for expression and the uncluttered design language; all of which contribute to a sophisticated and atmospherically airtight overall impression.

Indeed, these were the objectives originally defined: To achieve qualitative enhancement for the Eurogast brand, infuse it with emotion, and to raise the degree of brand loyalty. Ultimately, it’s all about encouraging people to read – and to keep reading a great deal longer than had been the case previously. This is achieved by providing a fascinating mix of themes and featuring well-researched, real-life-based articles to ensure the Eurogast journal is far more than a source of information. Instead, primarily, it is there to transport the company’s image.

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