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A new image takes shape


The aesthetics of Eurogast’s expo presence had begun to show signs of aging and were more than deserving of a complete relaunch.

In the past few years, continuous efforts have been made to develop, rejuvenate and modernise Eurogast’s brand image. In particular, a lot of hard work has gone into upgrading corporate showcase appearances. The desire to present a premium image is now also eye-catchingly reflected in the fundamental revamp given to the expo booth.

Wood, metal, glass, furniture, lighting – indeed, the interplay of colours and shapes generate an aura more reminiscent of a top deli restaurant than a conventional expo booth. What is particularly noticeable is that the brand message has also been cleverly integrated into the overall design.

POS/Trade fairs

‘We are choice, we are pleasure, we are gastronomy, we are Eurogast’ – and this is where these promises materialise.

Similarly, the use of the available expo space was also completely reconceptualised and adapted to the demands of a heavily frequented trade fair. Special attention was paid to the upper floor used each time to put the spotlight on a chosen theme. This section being clearly separate from the rest of the booth, we were able to use it to give the brand an additional dynamic and sassy note. In this way the expo stand reflected the entire range of facets on offer within the brand portfolio.


Customer feedback was eminently positive. Moreover, the booth team was able to identify very strongly with the new brand look.