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TRUE Stories, TRUE Love


Erdbär produces sustainable fashion. However, there should not be too much emphasis on the ecological aspect. It's more important to boost the brand with chic and style.

And so we choose an elegant paraphrase: "TRUE" is the brand promise and brings across the fact that Erdbär stands for honest, fashion in tune with nature and is indeed a very "genuine" company. At the same time this small word opens up infinite scope for creative design.

The brand tells "TRUE Stories", it stands for "TRUE Love". "TRUE" is the commitment that permeates all levels of communication.

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Erdbär presents “Bonny & Clyde”

It is also "true" that we are going independent ways in the photography and the graphic departments, so as to create a very distinctive brand experience for every season.


That's why we develop a separate, self-contained world for each collection theme.

We photograph in South Africa for the Safari theme, we stage the "Bonnie & Clyde" theme in an old garage.


In this way, we create a varied design, underlining the dynamism and relevance of the brand.