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Claudio Hatz

Think ahead


Claudio Hatz is a very busy and highly respected interior designer. He develops restaurant and catering design concepts, expo booths, corporate headquarters, and even motorhomes for Formula 1 and Moto GP teams.

Having been busy with so many projects involving the expression of the corporate identities of major brands in architectural layouts and interior designs, Claudio Hatz had never seemed to find time to develop his own look.

So, it was high time the Claudio Hatz brand was given more than just a fresh lick of paint, and to make his strengths far more visible. One thing is certain, it’s not the wonderful photos that make Claudio Hatz’s corporate presence so special, nor do they distinguish him from others. The big difference is his philosophy.

Brand development



Now Claudio Hatz explains his credo, “Think your way in before you work your way out”, providing a clear description of the way he works.


Hence, the whole presence, look and feel is unfussy and clearly focused, extremely elegant and sophisticatedly designed. At the heart of it all is a new logo that is striking in its simplicity, doing without a common battery of special graphical effects. It’s not about pretty pictures – it’s about extraordinary ideas, and that’s what guides everything Claudio Hatz does and represents – like his brand presentation stage, which allows him to put new projects in the spotlight.