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Chiefs is a Swiss protein drink. In Switzerland it’s the undisputed market leader, but in Austria it’s still waiting for creative ideas to get the brand up and running.

The key to success is embedded within the brand name. If ‘Chiefs’ is the name – then chiefs is the game! Even more so, since there is still very little brand awareness or a clear brand profile.

That’s why we’ve made the product itself the hero and used the brand name to inspire the campaign. ‘Real chiefs choose protein’ gives the brand a heroic edge, communicates benefits, while also establishing a young and dynamic brand world. This enables us to communicate our message very clearly and comprehensibly on the radio with citylights to generate the requisite sales turnover.

However, the goal is not merely rapid sales success; we are aiming for long-term brand identification. To this end we are playing the game with the brand name on a diverse range of communication levels, generating broad-based brand awareness – and guaranteeing plenty of potentials are well entertained. The campaign has also been designed to meet another important requirement – to be easily adapted for the German market, since preparations are being made for a market launch in Germany too.

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The Chiefs on the radio