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Berger Feinste Confiserie

An exquisite pleasure


Berger Feinste Confiserie is planning a very special project. An idyllic location, high above the rooftops of Lofer, is the home of a new house of chocolate. As a place to discover all kinds of exquisite chocolates, it’s also a sophisticated venue for festive brunches and an event facility for small and even larger seminars.

It’s essential to have a name and a logo that do justice to the sophisticated standards expected – and communications output that reflects the multiple facets the location has to offer.

‘Feinheit’ (refinement) is a name that lends the new home of chocolate its own unique aura. It reaches out to its target group with pinpoint accuracy, a group that always seeks exquisite experiences in life.

Brand development


The promise of ‘insights and outlooks’ facilitates the creation of a collection of images that harmonise perfectly with the world of Berger, while establishing a distinct proprietary artistic style. There are almost playfully crafted hints at the respective brand sphere within the key visuals.


Ultimately, the three elements fuse to produce a strong, homogenous brand, an unmistakeable one, and one that generates immense interest in everything ‘Feinheit’ has to offer. The public are seduced by a number of factors: the location, the architecture, an exquisite array of refined goods – and the aura that has grown up around the brand.