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Making brands come to life


How does an event become an unforgettable memory? How does product staging turn into a brand experience? By creatively developing an idea that generates a special framework. We do not just organise events, we create fascinating experiential worlds and bring brands to life.



An event needs much more than the founding ideas, so we have teamed up with a partner who ensures that everything gets organised and runs seamlessly. Together with Chaka2 we can guarantee you perfect brand staging on all levels.



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What we can do for you




How we work


We work passionately, in interdisciplinary, changing teams, we inspire each other, we want to surprise and convince, we bounce ideas around and are always on the lookout for new ways. Because we want to inspire not only our customers, but also ourselves.




What begins with inspiration should lead to
campaigns and ideas that inspire people.
And this enthusiasm itself becomes a
new source of inspiration for us.




Outstanding things can only be achieved by those who fully identify with the brands and products of their customers. But this identification also includes responsibility. So we are much less concerned with indulgent creative self-realisation than with the success of our customers.

Case studies


The best advertising for us is still the work we do for our customers. And on this note: have a good browse!

Our customers


These customers speak for themselves.
And for us.


Red Bull,

Porsche Austria,



I am in Peace,

Santa Fe,

and many more


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