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Salzburger Fenster

Salzburg goes windowing


Reading the newspaper is good. Windowing is better! The “Salzburger Fenster” (Salzburg Window) is a traditional free newspaper from the “Salzburger Nachrichten” publishing house.

A complete content and graphic relaunch is intended to rejuvenate the brand and make it dynamic. The accompanying introductory campaign is intended to make the new image clear and to arouse interest. The idea is astonishingly simple.

Using posters, citylights, advertisements and radio throughout Salzburg, we call upon citizens from all over Salzburg to go “WINDOWING” and thus give a well-known concept a whole new and very product-specific meaning.


To build excitement, we start with a teaser campaign which makes people curious and only reveal our understanding of the term “windowing” after 2 weeks.


We deliberately refrain from journalistic texts and providing any factual information. The campaign is only intended to convey the brand image and recharge the new Salzburger Fenster with a lot of sympathy. The general response is unusually high and extremely positive.



You can also “window” on the radio.


Alongside the print campaign, teaser and introductory spots are run on the radio, and the campaign ideas are told in funny, short stories. And here, too, storytelling is primarily about sympathy and attention and less about dry information. After all, good advertising usually lives by its high entertainment value.

Radiospot: Teaser 1

Radiospot: Start 1

Radiospot: Teaser 2

Radiospot: Start 2